Legislation & Regulations

The Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act deals with specific aspects of the cremation, cemetery and funeral services professions. It provides greater clarity, more accurate definitions and a straightforward process for the establishment, operation, and closure of cemeteries and crematoria, as well as setting out licensing requirements.

Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act

Families and funeral service staff are required to follow Section 5 of the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act in deciding who gets to make those important decisions regarding the care of a loved one after their death. This section of the Act sets out the order of priority for those who will make those decisions regarding funeral arrangements and whether burial or cremation will occur.

Click here to view details of who may make the authorization. In early 2014, Consumer Protection BC sought to remind funeral providers of the legal requirements and issued communications on the matter.

» Requirement for Authorization - Funeral Services or Disposition
» Memo to BC Funeral Service and Health Care Professionals
» GST Interpretation

Transportation of Human Remains

Your funeral provider will assist with the transportation of the remains once appropriate authorization has been received. To learn more about who can provide authorization, click here.

When Death Occurs Away from Home

Should a death occur when you are away from home, consider contacting a funeral director in your community. The funeral director will act on your behalf and help coordinate all the details required in order to have the deceased transferred back to your  hometown. If you are in another country where there may be language or cultural barriers, it is recommended that, if logistically possible, you contact the nearest Canadian Consulate embassyworld.com

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) offers an enquiries service and an informational brochure called “Bon Voyage But …”. Call 800-267-8376 for a free copy of this brochure or visit the D.F.A.I.T. website at http://www.voyage.gc.ca.

Transporting cremated remains

Sometimes families wish to transport cremated remains to other locations. Following cremation, the final disposition of the remains is not regulated in the same manner as are non-cremated human remains. You may travel with cremated remains, subject to the regulations of border agencies and airlines.

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