Funeral service is a career choice that delivers an immense amount of satisfaction. Whether you are embarking on your first career or looking to change careers, the rewards and satisfaction in this field are unlimited.

Why should you consider a career in funeral service?

  • Obtain an education which may be paid for by your employer.
  • Work while you are attending school and be paid a salary.
  • Apply your education immediately and develop practical on the job skills.

How do I become a Funeral Director or Embalmer in BC?

Embalmers and Funeral Directors are licensed and regulated by Consumer Protection BC. To obtain your license, you must complete the Funeral Services Apprenticeship Program. To begin a career, you can choose either of the following paths:

  1. Apprenticeship Program – a two-year full-time employment and academic program for those currently working in the funeral services profession.
  2. Foundation Program – a one-year academic program for those entering the profession. To continue and obtain a license, students must then gain employment prior to the second year of study, and complete two years of work experience under the Apprenticeship Program.

For Program Outlines please visit The Industry Training Authority website:

For detailed information on licensing requirements, visit Consumer Protection BC’s website:

For further details or to request a Foundation Program Application, please email or call the BCFA office at 800-665-3899.  Applications are available in April of each year.

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