While the British Columbia Funeral Association primarily represents funeral homes and
crematoriums, cemeteries can also benefit from joining the association.

A Membership with BC Funerals

By joining the BC Funeral Association, cemeteries can become part of a larger community of funeral service professionals in British Columbia and stay informed about industry trends and best practices. Cemeteries can benefit from the association’s resources, support, and advocacy efforts.

Membership Benefits

Professional Development

The BC Funeral Association provides opportunities for members to enrol in
continuing education and professional development programs. Cemeteries can benefit from learning about best practices in cemetery management, landscaping, and maintenance.

Networking & Collaboration

While cemeteries may not interact with funeral homes and crematoriums on a daily basis, there may be opportunities for collaboration and partnership. By becoming a member, cemeteries can connect with others and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Advocacy & Representation 

We advocate on behalf of our members on issues affecting the funeral industry in British Columbia. This can include lobbying the government on regulatory issues, providing input on proposed legislation, and advocating for the rights of bereaved families.

Marketing & Promotion 

We provide members with access to a range of resources and support services, including legal and financial advice, marketing and branding support, and guidance on industry regulations and standards.


Frequently asked questions

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The Application Process

We’ve made the application process as streamlined and simple for you as possible. From entering your organization’s basic details to providing a brief directory listing description, the online application is straightforward. If you still have questions or need assistance applying we are always here to support you through the process.