New Beginnings

Like many of you, I was not sorry to say good-bye to 2020. It was indeed a year like none other. The uncertainty that permeated all aspects of our lives initially led to me binging on Girl Guide cookies (I know it could be worse and at least I supported a great cause), but eventually it led to much quiet reflection regarding my professional life.

Birthed out of a career change and fuelled by my own grief journey, my passion for the bereavement sector has grown over the last decade. Wearing multiple hats, as a celebrant, coach and educator, I knew there was more I could and wanted to do. But I had no idea this incredible opportunity would be how I would begin the New Year.

Just ten days ago I officially became your Executive Director and as I immerse myself into all aspects of this association, I cannot explain how “right” this feels. With both humility and confidence I look forward to jumping in and in partnership with our fantastic board, supporting you our membership.

I know many are weary as a result of the COVID restrictions, and serving families at this time brings unique challenges. Please know we are working diligently on your behalf, and will continue to update you on a regular basis.

A special thank you to Charlotte Poncelet for her incredible work in laying a solid foundation to build upon. Thank you to our President, Jason Everden for his attention to every detail, and ensuring nothing has been missed and for the support of the Executive and Board as we make our way through this time of transition.

You will be hearing more from me in the future, but until then, know you are making a difference in every community throughout our Province. What you do, and how you do it, really matters.

With confidence in great days ahead for the BCFA,

Pam Moss

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