2024 Strategic Planning


2024 Strategic Planning

In October, our board gathered in Richmond to plan for the year ahead. With strong engagement and a solid foundation to work from, we were able to set some ambitious goals for 2024. Our focus for the year ahead is to provide value to members. We plan to do this by increasing our government advocacy efforts, creating new member benefits, and offering more opportunities for continuing education. We will also be embarking on the long-awaited project of revising and renewing the logbook for our Apprenticeship Program. We have strong engagement from SkilledTradesBC and our goal is to complete the project for the 2024/25 school year.

Our other big focus in 2024 will be to highlight to the public the value that our members have in their communities. We will be creating a public awareness campaign focused on illustrating the value of the work you do, the knowledge that funeral homes can share with the community, and the importance of funeral service.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and couldn’t do it without the support of our board and members. To see the full strategic planning document, please click here.

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