Student Resources

We are here to offer support and resources on your way to becoming a qualified funeral professional and finding rewarding employment in bereavement services. Our mission is to provide high-quality foundational, apprenticeship and ongoing professional development courses.

Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program is a two-year full-time employment and academic program. Once you have a sponsored employer and have been accepted into the program, you are ready to start your training and record your work experience.  

The BCFA offers a fantastic school with the Canadian College of Funeral Service. The education you receive, and the helpful educators ensure you can start your career as a Funeral Director and/or Embalmer with knowledge and confidence. Online and in person learning, with real world experience creates a unique opportunity for a very well-rounded education in Funeral Service.

Jessica Dovey

Foundation Program

The BC Funeral Services Foundation Program is a formal training program that involves pre-employment academic study for one year. Following the successful completion of academic study, students must obtain full-time employment as a funeral service apprentices to continue the program and obtain their license.

I feel lucky to have the competent and steady support from the BC Funeral Association behind me every time I have questions or tasks I need assistance with. It’s easy to feel a bit like a deer in the headlights when first starting off as a foundation student, but I can tell you that the experience of this program is hands down one of the greatest honours of my life so far.

Chloe L.