Foundation Program

Our Education Program’s mission is to train funeral service apprentices through quality education programs and support employers to meet their training needs.


Program Details

The BC Funeral Services Foundation Program is a formal training program that involves a pre-employment academic study for one year. Following the successful completion of academic study, students must obtain full-time employment as funeral services apprentices to continue the program and obtain their license. 

This optional entry to the funeral service profession is offered by the Foundation Program. This option is intended to provide an introduction to the basic theory needed for study/ employment in the Funeral Service Profession prior to securing employment as an Embalmer, Funeral Director or both. The program is delivered in a variety of formats combining in-school and online studies, all designed to meet the competency standards of a Level One apprentice. Upon completion, of the Foundation Program, graduates will need to find employment, register as a Level Two apprentice, and complete the work experience requirement for Level One and Level Two of their chosen program. 

The Foundation program will require three years to complete rather than the two years a licensed apprentice will require to complete their program. 

The BC Funeral Services Foundation Program offers a one-year pathway into the funeral service profession, combining academic study with apprenticeship for roles such as Embalmer or Funeral Director.

Academic Study & Practical Experience

The formal training program consists of two equally important parts: academic study and practical (work-based) experience. In the foundation program, the first year of academic study is completed first, with the second year of study and the first year of work-based experience following. A further year is required in order to complete the balance of the work-based requirement.  

In some cases, a foundation student obtains employment midway through their first year of academic study and becomes an apprentice documenting the work-based experience. This is a seamless transition and allows for the completion of the program in less than three years.

Frequently asked questions

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