Athena Theodorakakis

Athena is the Association’s current President, serving a two-year term



Athena Theodorakakis

Athena has been with the BCFA since 2015 as Chair of the Education and Apprenticeship committee, most recently, Finance Chair and is excited for the next chapter as President of the Association.

Having a background in tourism and hospitality, Athena found her calling into Funeral Service in 2005.  Her career began at SCI’s Forest Lawn Funeral Home, later moving to Manager of Ocean View Funeral Home. After over a decade working with the larger firm, Athena found an opportunity to join Kearney Funeral Services, a family-owned provider and served families for 6 years.  She is currently assisting funeral homes throughout BC on an at-need basis, who are experiencing staffing shortages.

She is passionate about all things funeral and is grateful for every chance to serve others.

Athena enjoys spending time with her family, sweating through Irish Dance lessons, and cheering on Liverpool FC.