Lorraine Fracy

Lorraine serves as Chair of the Government and Legal Committee



Lorraine Fracy

Lorraine Fracy is an experienced funeral service professional with 9 years of experience as a member of the British Columbia Funeral Association (BCFA). Lorraine has held numerous positions on the BCFA board, including Finance Chair from 2014-2015, President from 2015-2017, Past President from 2018-2020 and currently serves as Government & Legal Chair. In 2004, Lorraine joined the Cremation & Cemetery Association of British Columbia Board of Directors, which amalgamated with BCFA in 2011.

Lorraine began her career at Victory Memorial Park/Funeral Service in 1996 and then moved to Haywards, Thompson & Irving Funeral Home in 1999 until 2001 when the Loewen Group closed the funeral home. Lorraine has served as Business Development/Client Services Manager at Royal Oak Burial Park-Victoria BC for 23 years, since 2001.

Lorraine is passionate about funeral service and her 23 years of experience in cemetery legacy work has fueled her humanitarian side. She enjoys helping families create meaningful memories to honour their loved ones. Her passion and dedication to her work have enabled her to make a positive impact on the funeral profession in British Columbia. She is committed to upholding the highest professional standards of care and compassion for those she serves.