The Evolution of the BC Funeral Association: A Historical Perspective

The BC Funeral Association provides professional development on a variety of subjects. Working with Consumer Protection BC, we also develop relevant courses that provide licensed funeral directors and embalmers the opportunity to accumulate continuing education credits.


The Evolution of the BC Funeral Association: A Historical Perspective

The British Columbia Funeral Association (BCFA) was founded in 1913 as the British Columbia Undertakers Association, with the goal of providing a professional organization for funeral directors and embalmers in the province. At the time, the funeral industry in British Columbia was largely unregulated, and the association aimed to establish standards of practice and ethics to ensure the highest level of service to the public.

Today, the BCFA continues to be a vital resource for funeral service professionals in British Columbia. The association provides education and training opportunities, advocacy and representation on issues affecting the funeral industry, and networking and collaboration opportunities for its members

Over the years, the BCFA has grown and evolved to become a leading voice in the funeral industry in British Columbia. In 1975, the association changed its name to the British Columbia Funeral Service Association (BCFSA) to reflect the changing nature of the industry and the broader scope of services offered by its members.

In recent years, the BCFA has also played a key role in advocating for the rights of bereaved families and promoting greater transparency and accountability in the funeral industry. The association has been instrumental in pushing for changes to provincial legislation governing the funeral industry and has worked closely with government and other stakeholders to ensure that the interests of funeral service professionals and the families they serve are protected.

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